In 2005 I started the project called TEKU TEKU DAIMYO. With the main goal to make Daimyo, a part of Fukuoka's citycenter, car free. 
The name TEKU TEKU was suggested by a Japanese friend, てくてく  it stand for the sounds of footsteps. As this word was new to me
I had no special feeling with it, so I tested this name with random strangers in the street, they loved it instantly and I too have grown to love it over the years. 

In 2008 the name of the group changed to TEKU TEKU  only,  organising events with an environmental message.  

Beginning of 2009 our LOGO ECO-Chan was born.The logo was created by a group of kindergarten students,  personally I think its the best logo ever ;) !

Over the years TEKU TEKU has taken steps wandering off  in different directions, by
and so now 2015 / 2016 it is TEKU TEKU TO THE JUNGLE.