Nice every day jewelry that can be worn by men and women. 

The words " Teku Teku " てくてく、stand for the sound of footsteps in Japanese. For me personally they stand for moving, moving around the globe and the appreciation of all that is around us. 

For 14 years I lived in Japan I started up a grassroots organization with the name Teku Teku. We organized all kind of activities with nature in mind."Eco-chan" our logo was created by kindergarten students. 

Since April 2013 I am back in the Netherlands but my feet are itchy and I feel like " Teku Teku" again. During my travels I like to "live like a local" by doing volunteer work and help out on organic farms. Maybe the jewels can get me moving again ;-)

For my creations I want to bring you a product with a story. I will tell you where I got or made the different parts of the necklace. I would absolutely love it if the story continues and you show me where my necklace moved to. 

One of my sources of inspiration for this project is Jimson, a Philippino construction worker who I met during volunteering in Cagayan de Oro, Philipinnes.
Jimson was wearing a necklace that I recognized, but I wasn´t the one who gave it to him.......I met Katie in Japan and at goodbye I gave her a necklace. She went to the Philippines before I did and took the necklace apart and made it into two necklaces,
gave one to Jimson and one to his son. I loved this idea.

Well I hope you like my work.